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Rhinoceros Stuffed Toy

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Soft plush rhino toys are available in two different sizes and three different colors.

40cm and 60cm high in your choice of gray, pink and blue.



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Some interesting facts about rhinos:  White and black rhinoceros are actually the same colour with a grey skin.  Yeah we are confused too!

Rhinos are plant eaters and have to eat a lot each day to fill their hunger. They also have small brains, but that are not stupid! A group of rhinos is known as a herd or a ‘crash’.  Rhinos communicate with their poop.  It’s kind of like reading the newspaper…want to know where another rhinos is what they are like, just smell their poop!

Rhinos are listed on the IUCN Red list as their population declines.  In Africa, southern white rhinos, live in protected sanctuaries and are classified as near threatened. But the western black rhino and northern white rhinos have recently become extinct in the wild. The only two remaining northern white rhinos are females but they are too old to reproduce.   Black rhinos have doubled in number over the past two decades but they remain under threat from poachers who kill the rhinos to take their horn as they believe it is works as a medicine. But it is actually only made of keratin.  The same as on your fingernails.

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40cm, 60cm


Gray, Blue, Pink

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