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Some animals are weird and strange. Others make us laugh and some make us want to take them home. Learn about the fascinating world of wildlife and bugs in our articles below.

We See Differently

Are Elephants Colourblind? Elephants have an awesome way of seeing the world!  Yes, elephants are colourblind, which means they don’t see all the colours we

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Can Birds Smell?

Birds don’t have noses, but do they need one? Do you know one of the ways that a homing pigeon find it’s way home?

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Wombats Have A Very Unique Skill

Only wombats produce cubed-shaped poop! And they cleverly stack them up on top of each other, as the higher they are the more likely it will be found which means more chance of finding a mate.

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Sheep are smart

To call someone a sheep is to imply that they are weak, unintelligent, and easily led. But that comparison is somewhat inaccurate!
Sheep are really quite intelligent.

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Health checks at a Zoo

It’s super important to check the health of all zoo animals and one non-invasive way is to analyse their poo. Stress hormones, reproductive hormones, and

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Snails that look Gothic

What an incredible looking snail! This stunning looking snail is endemic to a very specific mountainous forest area on the Malaysian Peninsula. The Fire Snail

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Hummingbird Wings

The hummingbird flaps its wings up to 75 times a second! To fuel this activity, it eats around twice its weight in nectar every day. 

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