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Plush Alpaca soft toy

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25 cm tall plush Alpacas needing cuddles!
Alpaca Plush Toy in 6 colours.: red, white, green, brown, pink and purple.


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25 cm tall plush Alpacas needing cuddles!
Alpacas are docile and soft, and are prized as pets and cattle around the world. There are no wild alpacas though. They are related to llamas which are used as pack animals, alpacas are raised mainly for their soft wool.
Have you ever been spat on by an alpaca? They spit when they are distressed or feel threatened. Alpacas also hum and shriek when danger is present, make a sound similar to ‘wark’ when they get excited. Fighting males scream making a warbling bird-like cry.
An interesting fact about alpacas: They poop in the same area each time, instead of in random places like many animals do. Actually, females tend to stand in line and all go at once!
Without doubt alpacas are a fascinating species.

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Brown, Green, Pink, purple, Red, White

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