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Kangaroo with Removable Joey Plush Stuffed Toy

This beautifully crafted kangaroo stuffed animal stands 10” tall and features a functional pouch, which holds a removable 4.5” joey (with legs); Perfect for wildlife enthusiasts!

This soft and huggable toy features surface-washable plush for easy cleaning and soft, premium materials



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Kangaroos are amazing animals!  They can happily hop at around 26 kilometres per hour but if they need to get somewhere fast in a short distance they will speed it up and move up to 71 kilometres per hour!  That is faster than a racehorse! They jump up to 9 metres in one single leap.

Did you know kangaroos are great swimmers? They keep their heads above water to breathe and paddle with their legs but use their tail to propel them through the water.

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