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Ravens are smart. They team up with wolves.

Ravens are intelligent, smart and clever, and they love wolves!

Ravens are like the super smart geniuses of the bird world. But they aren’t specialists in hunting like some other birds so their intelligence and smart thinking make up for it by teaming up with wolves! And that is why the raven is sometimes known as ‘the wolf bird‘.

Like many other animals, ravens will scavenge food that a wolf has killed, but the relationship between ravens and wolves go deeper.

There are several theories about why wolves and ravens are often seen at the same carcasses. One theory suggests that as ravens are able to fly, they are better at finding carcasses than wolves.  

So ravens put on their best wolf impression!  They start cawing and croaking like wolves having a chat….”Hey, wolf buddies, come over here, check this out, here’s lunch!  They sound just like a wolf but then you realise the sound is coming from a raven and it looks it’s hilarious!

But the ravens don’t have the capability to open up a carcass, so all that noise will alert wolves to the food.  

Then just like talented chefs, the wolves will use their sharp teeth and strong jaws to access the food and then the ravens join in on the feast! They have even been seen dining at the same time!

Ravens have been even seen playing with wolf pups by grabbing sticks and teasing them, leading to tug-of-war games.

They also enjoy pulling or pecking at wolf tails to provoke a chase.

Some scientists believe that ravens have even formed special bonds with individual wolves.

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