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Horses Don’t Cry But They Can Feel Sadness

Do horses cry

Horses never hide their emotions

Sad horse

Horses have large eyes which can get irritated by pollen and dust. They have tear glands to keep their eyes moist and clean but sometimes the glands can get blocked. In an attempt to ease the irritation, the glands may put out more moisture, so you’ll see teardrops coming from the horse’s eye.

But do they cry like we do? No, but they do feel sad and just express it differently than humans.

Horses feel anger, jealousy, sadness, loss, joy, happiness, and depression, and get the “blues”. They can also give a mournful whinny. Like when a mare and foal have been separated at weaning time, or from a herd mate whose close companion has just died. The horse may stand with a drooping head and show little or no interest in grazing.

Horses are a herd and prey animal, meaning they have a strong emotional sense and use that sense as a survival tool.  If one horse in a herd is scared, the others will become frightened. 

They respond in a similar way to humans.  If a person approaches a horse with anger, the horse will respond by shying away or becoming stubborn. 

Horses never hide their emotions so they can be an emotional mirror for humans as they respond to the feeling state we show. Horses have an enormous therapeutic benefit to humans which is why they are used in therapy called Equine Assisted Therapy.

Adults and children often find it difficult to open up and process painful emotions and experiences. Working with specially qualified therapists, working with a nonjudgemental animal, equine-assisted therapy allows people of all ages, to work on issues such as mental health difficulties, anxiety, addiction, trauma and even children who have been bullied.

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