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Snails that look Gothic

What an incredible looking snail!

This stunning looking snail is endemic to a very specific mountainous forest area on the Malaysian Peninsula.

The Fire Snail – named after its bright red foot – is one of the rarest, most sought after snail species in the world.

The Platymma tweediei has a distinctive black shell that can grow up to 7cm in diameter, and a bright red foot that earned it the name ‘fire snail’. It is this because of this stunning combination that this very rare snail has become very popular among snail collectors and enthusiasts all around the world.

These snails only survive in very cool and humid conditions, so the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia which is a beautiful mountain range, at 1000 metres above sea level is where these snails live.  And even then you’ll only find them in an area that is about 100km in radius.

As well as habitat loss and wildlife trade, its popularity may be one of the reasons why it is becoming extinct.

The Fire Snails are very difficult to keep them alive in captivity so that is
why they are better left in the wild where they can thrive.

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