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Wild Republic Hanging Three Toed Sloth, Plush, Stuffed Animal, 30 inches

  • Hang around with this cute, cuddly sloth stuffed animal, and go on exciting adventures to wherever your imagination takes you
  • From top to bottom this hanging sloth plush toy hangs 30 inches, the perfect size for a fun play pal
  • These realistic stuffed animals are easy to clean kids toys that are surface washable.
  • A sloth plushie is the perfect gift for kids of all ages, with its soft high-quality fabric, it makes for endless fun
  • This stuffed toy has very realistic features allowing your child to have hours of play and learning



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Who doesn’t love a sloth?  Two main types of sloth are identified by having two or three claws on their front feet. These mysterious animals sleep in the trees for up to 20 hours a day, and even when they are awake they barely move at all.  They are so slow that algae actually grows on their fur.  We wonder who is the laziest…..a sloth or a koala!

Oh and sloths only come down from the trees to poop.  They dig a little hole and drop poop that is a third of their body weight in one go!

Did you know that without sloths there would be no avocados?  Yep.  The extinct giant sloths were some of the only mammals that had digestive systems large enough to process the huge avocado seed whole.  They eat the fruit and then dispersed the seeds far and wide.

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