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Sitting or Walking Style Cute Stuffed Animal Soft Panda Plush Toy

This cute stuffed animal soft panda plush toy is perfect in the sitting or walking style! Each style comes in 3 different sizes.
Sitting Style Sizes: 9cm, 16cm, 20cm
Kneeling Style Sizes: 10cm, 16cm, 20cm

Filling: PP Cotton
Material: nylon


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Giant pandas are often just called pandas, but whatever you call them they are still so adorable!
Occasionally pandas might eat small animals and fish, but bamboo counts for 99% of their diet. And they eat a heap!  Every day they eat up to 12 hours a day and around 12 kilograms of bamboo.
Panda bears don’t hibernate like other bears, but when winter comes they head lower down the mountain homes to warmer temperatures…..and just eat more bamboo….and poop more.  They actually poop more than 100 times a day!
The IUCN Red List has declared pandas on the endangered list as sadly the population is decreasing.

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