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Plush Rabbits Needing Hugs

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Two sizes and styles of these rabbits are available.

Squatting rabbits are 16cm and 24cm tall

Sitting rabbits are 24 cm tall.


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Rabbits are very popular in nursery rhymes and fairy tales but perhaps the most well-known was created by author Beatrix Potter in 1902. He was a naughty rabbit as he used to sneak into Mr McGregor’s garden and eat as many vegetables as he could before he was chased out.

There are around 29 species of rabbits around the world from small to very large. It is well known that rabbits have lots of babies and sometimes that is up to 12 babies all at once! Rabbit warrens can be as deep as 9.84 feet (3 metres) underground so they are very good at digging.

Here’s some quick facts:

Rabbits teeth never stop growing.  They eat their own poop. Rabbits sleep with their eyes open. Rabbits cannot puke. Baby rabbits are called kittens! (that’s just weird!)

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