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Otter Plush Toy

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Real-life looking Otter plush toy. Available in 3 sizes and 3 colors

40cm 60cm 80cm
Gray, Blue and Pink


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There are ‘river otters’ and ‘sea otters’.

River otters live in freshwater but they also swim and hunt in seawater.  They have visible ears, swim belly down and used their web feet to paddle. River otters move swiftly on the land and in the water.

Sea otters only live in the ocean along coastlines and they don’t move to well when they are on the land and are quite clumsy.  They paddle by using their hind feet and tail and are a lot bigger than most river otters.

Please allow some time for these plush toy otters to arrive, as they need to swim a long way!

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Brown, Grey, Pink

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