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Long eared plush rabbit in 7 different colors

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Rabbits are very social creatures that live in groups.  A female rabbit is called a doe, and a male rabbit is called a buck.  And a baby rabbit is called a kit.

They make great pets, but in some countries and regions, keeping rabbits is not allowed.  But you can keep soft plush rabbits!

Rabbits’ ears aren’t just for listening; they also help regulate the rabbit’s body temperature.  And the ears can even rotate almost a full circle to 270 degrees.

Are rabbits quiet?  Well, some maybe but they are quite capable of making a lot of sounds, including growling, screeching, chattering their teeth and even honking softly.


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Create your own bunny family with 7 different colors and 3 different sizes.  It really will be like a family of rabbits has moved in when you sit them all on your bed!

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30cm, 35cm, 45cm


Brown, Gray, Green, Pale Pink, Pink, purple, White

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