...and adults!


Flamingo Plush Stuffed Animal Toy from Wild Republic

  • This Flamingo plush toy will be happy to nest in your house and put smiles on your face.
  • The size of this stuffed animal is 7″, making it as light as a feather.
  • These cute plushies are created with high quality materials and are surface washable in case you get it dirty from adventuring outside.
  • Hug’ems plush makes a perfect kid toy or a friend for any supporter of the wildlife.
  • Wild republic’s realistic stuffed animals provide you with a lifelong friend that will always brighten up your day.


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Flamingos are birds that can fly, but interestingly enough they need a running start to do so. This is similar to an airplane as they go down the runway before they take off.

Flamingos have a common misconception of having backward knees, but in fact, they are their ankles. These zoo stuffed animals are excellent baby toys, toddler toys, and kids toys allowing your kids to have a cuddle buddy when they read their book.

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