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Cute Owl Plush Toy

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This cute plush owl is lovingly hand made and stands 20 cm tall.  This owl has got a long way to fly so pending weather conditions, his flight pattern may take him a bit longer than normal but we estimate about two weeks to get to you


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Although owls can’t see in complete darkness, they only need the slightest amount of light to see but they are colourblind.  They have amazing hearing though.

Owls do not build their own nests. Instead the live in holes in trees, abandoned nests, abandoned buildings, barns or even bridges. One owl species, the ferocious Great Horned Owl, sometimes even takes over inhabited Hawkes nests, killing the occupying parent and baby hawks!

Another fascinating feature of the owl is that they can turn their heading in every direction by a whopping 360 degrees!

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