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Cute Fluffy Plush Toy Penguin

Penguins are just so adorable!  Choose from 3 different sized cute soft plush penguins, or buy all three and create a family!

Available in 30cm, 21cm, or 16cm tall.


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All penguins are exceptional swimmers and when they hit the water can look like they are flying they move so fast!  They jump into the air before diving to release air bubbles from their feathers to help improve their hydrodynamics.  Now that’s clever!

A group of penguins in the water is called a ‘raft’.  But a group of penguins on the land is called a ‘wadddle’. And that waddle can get them very long distances when they are heading to their nests and breeding grounds. Emporer penguins are known to waddle and toboggan upwards of 100 kilometres and Snares penguins regularly walk around 1 kilomtre through the forest to reah their colony.


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