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25cm Stuffed Smiling Plush Cow Plush Toy

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She is 25cm tall, and made of a high-quality short-pile fabric, filled with soft PP cotton, which has excellent properties in terms of elasticity and bulkiness.  This plush doll is also easy to clean and fast drying.


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This happy-faced cow is 25cm tall.  The edges are stitched finely, so it’s not easy to lose the thread, making it very durable.

Not just a cute toy, but the cow can also be used as a pillow or cushion to relax and sleep at any time. In addition, the entire plush toy has no other small parts, which is very safe and harmless.

Plush toys are very cute and realistic, which can stimulate children’s vision, hearing and touch, help them contact and understand the outside world, and strengthen the interaction between parents and children. Therefore, this animal plush toy is an ideal gift for children or for decorating the home.

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