...and adults!

Cockroaches are really quite interesting!

Cockroaches are actually quite helpful!

Cockroaches are very useful scavengers eating decaying vegetation and pretty much anything already decaying.  So without cockroaches (and termites and dung beetles) the world would be piled high with trash. 

Did you know that only 12 out of the 4,000 species of cockroaches are pests.

They can live without a head for up to 7 days!  Cockroaches have various pores on different parts of their bodies through which they breathe so they don’t actually use their mouths to take in oxygen.  Their brain does not conduct them so if decapitation occurs, they can go on breathing for days.  But they do need to eat and drink, so without their head, there is no mouth for them to feed so they will die from thirst and hunger.

And now cockroaches are being sold as food for humans to snack on.  Nope, not for me!

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