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Can Animals Be Right Or Left Handed?

Is your dog or cat a lefty or a righty?

Can animals be right or left handed? Make that pawed! Yes! Many animals favour one side of the body than the other just like humans.

A large research study of canines showed that most dogs are right pawed but interestingly that was true for females but most male dogs tended to be left pawed. And despite having a lot of limbs to choose from, octopuses still seem to favour one tentacle.

Watch your dog or cat and see which paw they use when they reach out to a ball, or when they have to get food out of a kong toy which requires one paw to hold it still while the dog tries to get the food out. Or which front paw a dog uses to take its first step from a level standing position.

Maybe this is good to know when you are going to teach him a ‘high five’ as it maybe easier to teach him with his dominant paw.

So is your dog or cat a lefty or a righty?  What about your horse? What about you?  Are you left handed or right handed?

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