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Our favourite Australian soft plush toys are from Bocchetta.

Now you can buy direct from Bocchetta!  Click on the image and you’ll go straight through to their online shop.

Meet Doug! This turtle is squishy, soft and cute and measures 27cm/10.5″ in length from the tip of the nose to end of feet, 21cm/8.25″ in width not including flippers or 24cm/9.5″ including flippers and 9cm/3.5″ in height.
Say hi to Byron! He is a dingo that is a tough native dog from Australia. Bryon is 25cm/10" in height. His stuffing was made using 18 recycled plastic bottles.
Monty is a red kangaroo that is squishy and soft. He measures 25cm/10" high to the top of his ears. A great souvenir or just for you to cuddle!
Standing 12cm/5" in height is Diego, a medium size Tasmanian devil He is quite realistic although he won't make the loud growls that the real ones do!
Georgina is a large size soft plush wombat. Wombat mum have a backward pouch so when they are digging, they don't flick dirt on to their baby! That's clever!
Tasmanian Tiger soft plush toy is symbolic of the species that is now extinct. Sammy measures 22cm/8.5" in length (without the tail) and is 14cm/5.5" tall.

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